Is Crypt.re a paid service ?

It's completely free, no premium service, no ads, your data will not be used or sold.

How it's works ?

Simply like a basic text editor. Enter your text data or paste HTML code. Choose a strong passphrase (or just click generate button). When you click encrypt button, your data is immediately encrypted via JavaScript and then saved in the database. You will get a short URL to a page containing you encrypted data. Design is minimal, with only a "Decrypt" button. Do not forget your passphrase, there is no way to retrieve it.

How safe are my data ?

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) is the current highest way to enchipher data. It was approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information. Currently there is no way to crack AES. The only way to retreive a passphrase is a brute-force attack (this means to test all combinations as possible until the right one). It will take over the age of universe to brute-force attack your data. You can sleep soundly.

Do you store passphrase and uncrypted data somewhere ?

I do not store your passphrase, I do not store clear data. So I am not able to decrypt your data, nor anyone else.

What do you mean by rich text data ?

By rich text data, I mean formatted text with bold, italic, underline, insert images, links, and more. Also you can paste HTML code.

Can I paste HTML/JavaScript code ?

If you paste HTML code, no JavaScript will be executed before the user enter the passphrase and process decryption. Malicious scripts will be neutralized.

Is there a limit on the amount of data to encrypt ?

Currently, the limit is 150 000 characters. This limit will be increased depending on the success of the service and the needs of users.

How long is the data stored ?

The data is stored without time limits. However, you may request removal of a page by sending me an email and specifying the URL.

Do you send data to a governmental authority ?

No, your data is not shared with anyone.

What happen if the database is seized ?

If a government authority wanted to seize my database, it would be totally unworkable as the encryption is high.

Who are you ?

I'm Patafoin, a french web developer based in Paris :) Feel free to send me an email.